Day Care

  • Day Care

    We offer a quality children care and friendly atmosphere
  • At TECCA our play-based curriculum has been implemented to allow children to gain a sense of self explore, play with their peers and build confidence. Our programs will aim to nurture the creativity of your child and equip them for life’s adventures. The environment captures their sense of wonder, creativity and curiosity. Our educators aim to support children to explore and understand this environment. We place a strong emphasis on learning through play, discovery and exploration. By providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment, our service will encourage children to prosper and grow.

    We believe in allowing children to explore and develop at their own pace, dictated by their own interests. This allows them to develop confidence, independence and a positive sense of themselves and the world around them. Children are offered a variety of developmentally appropriate activities structured in a way to offer them the opportunity to experiment and discover new types of play and develop new interests and skills. Our activities, games and programs are all planned to engage your child’s natural curiosity and provide a foundation for learning. We aim to ensure every child is receiving the creative learning experiences they require and that they are developing physically, cognitively and socially.

    We believe children thrive best in a positive, inclusive, enriched and playful learning environment where they are encouraged and guided by nurturing educators. We aim to partner with parents to enhance their child’s developmental growth and we are committed to provide exceptional care and assist to develop a child’s foundation for their future learning.

  • Our Fees

    • Permanent Booking (per Day)
    • Casual Booking (per Day)
    • Membership Levy (per Family, per Year)
    • Maintenance Levy (per Family, per Term)
    • Craft Levy (per Family, per Term)
  • Our Daily Routine

    This is a general guide to your child’s day. We have a flexible routine that we will adapt to if needed.

                           8.30       Meet and Greet

                                          Welcome children and parents.

                 9.00 -10.00      Outside Free play  

                                          Children explore sand pit and sensory tables, play on swings and bikes or engage in other active play.

                10.00 – 10.30    Group time/Morning Tea                         

                                         Transition to Morning tea with a short mat time, hand washing then eating.

                10.30 – 11.30    Inside Play

                                         Children explore different activity areas, engage in play-dough and craft activities and play freely.

                 11.30 – 12.00   Outside play

                                         Children participate in active play outside and help to clean up play area.

                 12.00 -12.15     Story time

                                          Explore books of interest to children

                 12.15 – 1.00    Lunch

                                         Children transition to lunch through hand washing.

                  1.00 – 2.30      Rest/Quiet Time

                                        Children are encouraged to rest quietly on their mats. After some time, non-sleepers are provided with quiet activities.

                 2.30 – 3.00       Tidy Up/Snack/Outside play 

                                         Children have a snack before getting ready to head downstairs to engage in outdoor play while waiting for parents.


  • Our operating Hours

    • alt Wednesday

      8.30am - 3pm
    • Thursday

      8.30am - 3pm
    • Friday

      8.30am - 3pm