• Kindy

    Lady Gowrie Kindergarten Program
  • At TECCA our kindy program is child centred and focused. It’s our mission to come to a deep understanding of each individual child’s, needs, strengths and current abilities. From our knowledge of this information we then plan experiences to extend children and find ways to intertwine their interests so that they engage with the learning. A regular day at kindy will see the combination of intentional teaching and play based learning. Children are encouraged to interact positively with each other and build relationships where peer to peer learning can blossom. Provocation spaces are set up throughout the environment which themselves take on a role of teaching.As children explore the spaces they learn various skills and knowledge. Our transition periods through the day act as a way to incorporate early literacy and numeracy skills, along with incorporating other important skills such as gross motor, singing/music and finger plays. We work diligently through the year to ensure our kindy children are school ready and the transition school is as smooth as possible.

  • Our Fees

    • Permanent Booking (per Day)
    • Membership Levy (per Family, per Year)
    • Maintenance Levy (per Family, per Term)
    • Craft Levy (per Family, per Term)
  • Our Daily Routine

    This routine might change as year progresses. It should be used as a guide only

                                                      8.30 – 10.00                 Arrival and Outside Play

                                                     10.00 -10.15                 Clean Up and transition Indoors (wash hands etc)

                                                     10.15 – 10.45                Morning tea

                                                     10.45 – 11.00                Mat time (show and tell)

                                                     11.00 – 11.30                Indoor play, table top activities 

                                                    11.30 -11.50                  Outdoor play while beds are put out

                                                    11.50 – 12.00                Transition indoors

                                                    12.00 – 12.30                Lunch

                                                    12.30 – 2.00                  Rest

                                                    2.00 – 2.15                   Sheets away

                                                    2.15 – 2.40                   Indoor activity (games on the carpet etc)

                                                    2.40 – 3.00                   Bags and shoes on and recap the day 

  • Our operating Hours

    • Monday

      8.30am - 3pm
    • Tuesday

      8.30am - 3pm
    • alt Wednesday

      8.30am - 3pm